Work Crew

Today was the first day since March 13th that I have seen my colleagues in person! We definitely looked a little different with our face masks, but what a wonderful sight!  Our regional Scholastic Art show was featured in a gallery at the local community college in February. We were lucky enough to have the reception and awards night before the world was put on pause. Our community shut down here on March 13th, leaving the exhibition up until now. We were finally given clearance to take down the show this week, so today we met and happily masked uninstalled the show. I can honestly say, I was thrilled when my alarm sounded off this morning! I miss my fellow art teachers. 


Raku Fire Workshop

Today Lewie and I spent a hot and fiery day at the Workhouse. Outings have been pretty much nonexistent, so today was such a treat! It was Lewie's first raku fire experience, and I am so happy we shared the day together.
 Summer is melting away and soon he will be heading off to college (fingers crossed that Covid does not impede his next chapter too much)
There were five artists and the instructor in the workshop today. I appreciated the small number. Everyone wore masks for the entirety of the workshop and was very respectful of the distance between each other. The temperature outside was a hearty 98 degrees...that paired with the smoke and fire made for a hot day. I will say, the heat didn't even bother me, I was just so excited to be out and making art with others. The physicality of a raku fire is what I enjoy the most, of course the end results are beautiful, but there is something really awesome about being a part the collective kinetic experience of moving the pots through the glazing process with all the combustibles and spritzes. 

It feels so good to be tired from delightful conversations with new friends, making art, and the ritual of the raku fire process. As I sit here tonight looking at the photos and the finished raku pieces  reflecting on the the day I can still smell the smoke in my hair! I will sleep so good tonight.


Class of 2020



My son graduated this year! It was not the way we thought it would be... but I must say that I am so proud of him and his classmates!  They have handled the pandemic, school closures,surreal drive thru graduation, protests, social isolation, overwhelming screen time with patience and humor. These kiddos will soar, these times have given them the opportunity to practice empathy, resilience and random acts of kindness. This time in their life will be forever etched in their memories and carried with them far into the future. Lessons to share with the next generation...