Darkroom Shake

The 2018-2019 school year is officially started! Today was full of familiar and new faces refreshed and returned from summer's grasp. We got things moving by waking up the darkroom and checking the enlargers and timers! Affectionately referred to as the darkroom shake!


Documenting Change

Current state of renovation. (Have I mentioned that I am so excited to document the beauty and blight.)
It is amazing to see the change, progress is sometimes messy and disheveled. 
The community is not too thrilled with the current state of appearances...
It is important to keep in mind that  improvements take time and demolition is part of the process. 
Just wait...the transformation will be outstanding!


Old School Becoming New School

This renovation has been much anticipated and I am so excited to document the change that is beginning to ensue!

This was the front of the school, I think it will remain the front when it is all said and done.

So many memories here! Getting ready to morph for new experiences and house new sights and sounds.


What August brings...

                 Stretching and planning
                 August brings refreshed mindset
            Summer slows to close