Passion realized grateful.

                  November has proven to be one for the books! I have been an art educator for 20+ years. It is my life's passion, I say that truly...I love to be in a space where there is so much possibility and raw creativity. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  
Asking questions and facilitating the creative experiences of mostly curious yet angsty teenagers creates days of wild times and incredible ah-ha light bulb moments. 
 I learn new things daily and it is always changing. Well, I want to tell you that I was named the Virginia Secondary Art Educator of the year at the VAEA state conference this year! This is such a lovely honor and I am so grateful. 
My family was even invited to the awards breakfast! And that is the cherry on top! I am so fortunate to have a great husband that supports me, even when he thinks my ideas are a little crazy! My sons revel in the insanity that sometimes results from our incredibly busy schedule. However they also benefit, I strive include them in everything! And as a result they have an amazing extended family they would have not met otherwise!
My work ethic is fierce and my passion for the process of art making is invigorated daily in the studio, darkroom and classroom. I am one of the lucky ones that realized how I need to spend my life.  Thank you VAEA for the incredible honor and validating my purpose!