Let Me Introduce you...(ongoing series)

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Marcaccio. This amazing lady is an art teacher at Centreville High School. She loves teaching ceramics and sculpture. Currently she is collaborating with the engineering drawing teacher so their students are designing bird houses. Mrs. Marcaccio is always innovating!

I was also struck by how visually pleasing her equipment storage is organized. It reminds me of Julia Child's kitchen. Those Centreville students sure are lucky to have such a clever 3-D teacher!


Let Me Introduce You (ongoing series)

Let me introduce you to Mr. Beale. He splits his days between Robinson Secondary School and Thomas Jefferson High. He is an accomplished artist, painting everyday life in a variety of media. Mr. Beale has a wonderful sense of humor and inspires his students daily. When he is not painting you can find him on the baseball field or hanging out with his dogs. FCPS is lucky to have him on our team!


Putting it All Together

                                                                                                This has been a busy couple of weeks and the last few days have been joyously intense! We have been busily putting together the Fairfax Region Scholastic Art Exhibition. The show opens on Thursday this week at the Ernst Cultural Center.

The artwork was delivered last Friday. We checked in over 300 artworks, labeled and packed them. Today they were delivered to the gallery and an amazing team of art educators came to help hang the show! Eight teachers worked in pairs to dress the walls! Such a productive way to connect with colleagues surrounded by inspiring student artwork! 

Tomorrow we return to the gallery with a new team of art educators and fresh eyes to look over today's result, label all the artwork, install the animations, sculpture and ceramics portion of the show and add finishing touches!

In case I have not mentioned it, art teachers are made of steel and have the best hearts and strongest work ethic! This show would not happen without their passion and participation on so many levels!