Girlie Gotta New Gig!

 Teaching is a craft that I have been working to master for over two decades...knowing there is always something new to learn and and a new problem to solve the day to day is never the same. It is a thrill and a pleasure to get to know students, and continuously grapple with creative curiosities. Art education is my jam. 

This year my role has changed, and I will be supporting my peers. I am tickled to now be the secondary art resource teacher for my district. This is my opportunity to support art teachers in their daily routines, offer mentorship, professional development and just generally be there to support them as they work with students! The above video is what I made to announce the change at our welcome back fall in-service. The adventure begins again...wish me luck!


Back from the desert inspired and ready to rumble!

Neon Boneyard 2019
Where do you go when you need to refill your creative well? Is it a good book, a weekend in your own studio, a walk in the woods or perhaps you take time to get away...

Seven Magic Mountains                                   Ugo Rondinone
In the summertime, I go to the desert. It is my special place. The heat is dry and welcoming, it envelopes me and redirects my energy . The skies are simultaneously pink, blue and proud. The desert holds secret nuggets of brilliant curiosity and creativity. It whispers to my psyche and encourages, actually pushes me to get outside the box.

                                                                                                                                                                   Recycled Propaganda
Recycled Propaganda has a gallery downtown on Charleston and Main Street. He adorns the surrounding walls with his visual thoughts, often calling out social issues that are not easy to reconcile. His artwork is provocative and smart. Recycled Propaganda makes you stop and think. 

Indigenous Extinction                                                                                                                               Recycled Propaganda

Perceptual Consumption                                                                                                                                     Clayton Baker
Spirit Sisters

Just outside of the city, over the border into California sleeps a tiny little town called Nipton. Nipton is the proud keeper of stunning artwork. For example, Clayton Baker's Perceptual Consumption that was a center piece at Burning Man the year before. It is quite the statement piece resting near the train is not alone there are other large scale artworks that define the once ghostly space. You can also sleep in a solar powered teepee !

These are just a few of my favorite finds from this years exploration of the vast space that is the desert. The visit never seems long enough, but I carefully craft the time to leave me inspired and ready to rumble as the new school year knocks! This year is destined to be different, it will be amazing. I hope to be a source of sun to the teachers I meet! To read more on my thoughts about beginning the school year please visit NAEA Monthly Mentor Blog! I am so tickled to be blogging for them the month of August.