The American Crow

Spending more time at home has given me the opportunity to get to know the backyard gang. One of my favorite visitors is the American Crow. 

have tenderly named the bird Ginger. Initially a little skiddish with the presence of humans, now the bird is not so quick to fly away. The crow loves to feast on grapes, peanuts and meal worms. 

Ginger is regal and sleek. Sometimes I think the bird is actually posing for my benefit. The bird also has a distinct sound, when she calls out it sounds like someone is saying, "UH-OH". When I hear that call in the backyard I make sure there are tastey treats readily available for consumption. 


Artifacts from a Pandemic

That toilet paper that has been so coveted...seems a shame to toss the empty tube at the end of the roll.
Pondered this thought to my sculpture students...and these are our results!


Porchtraits...daily life during the pandemic

Pandemic Portraits...This series is titled PORCHTRAITS
It is a pleasure to visit my peeps, and hang out in the yard and photograph this moment in time.

It feeds the extrovert that is raging to get out during this shelter in place. It is  a joy to hang out  and just be candid with my camera. 

I will continue this as long as we are practicing social distance. Using the camera and a longer lens allows me to maintain a safe distance and still quench that thirst for human contact. Invite me over! 

School Daze

Recently, I have been organizing my studio and the mountains of ephemera I have collected over the about a little makeover for an old faculty yearbook photo?