Now we are naming the Storms?

        It is hard to believe we were at the National Zoo yesterday enjoying the sunshine!
Today we are in the midst of a winter storm. Apparently, nowadays it is quite vogue to give these storms names... so today we welcomed Janus into our midst!

        Janus started slow and the snow looked like glitter glistening and falling form the sky... as the day progressed it morphed to look more like choppy confetti...

         This evening Rich borrowed a snow blower from a neighbor.

I love to take photographs in the snow at night... and it was fun to play with the open shutter and make some long exposures.
Janus seems so calm and serene in the night! We will continue to enjoy her wrath tomorrow.
Here is to another child's play cherished snow day!

A Break in the Weather...so, off to the National Zoo!

      Monday we had the day off from school for Martin Luther King Day. And we had an unusually gorgeous day on the forecast! I loaded up the boys and a couple of their friends and off the National Zoo we went...

     We went with intent to see Bao Bao, the newest member of the Panda family! She is five months old and made her public debut this weekend. The line was an hour long... we were teased with the Panda Cam as we moved along. We watched her roll and stretch, just the cutest little ball of fur! It was fun to see her parents out and about while we waited...


When it was our turn to see her, that little panda had drifted off to sleep in her den, out of view of the public.

    We did, however, get to see the control center for monitoring the baby cub. It is a pretty impressive technological surveillance situation! (It reminded me of the sports books in Vegas casinos with all those monitors) 
     After the Panda House we continued on our way to find a variety of the kids favorite animals!
Eddie loved the Red Panda' sleeping in the trees!

Lewie is a fan of the reptiles...

Everyone loved the Orangutans!
We were all feeling a little wild and wonderful while enjoying the sun!



A Decade...full of fabulous memories and joy!


 Eddie turned 10 yesterday!!! Oh how the time flies!

Jolly, always!

Busy, absolutely!
Mischievous, indeed!
Stylish, very hip!
Quite the boy about town!
Dazzling, intelligent and clever...
Happy Birthday my darling baby!