Wild times at the National Zoo

     It has become a tradition to take the Photography One students to the National Zoo in the Spring! This year marks the fourth year. It was by far the best!

  This year we began our journey to the National Zoo via the Vienna Metro with 112 students and 11 fearless chaperones. 

The weather was perfect and the enthusiasm was outstanding!

Students searched the Zoo high and low for their doppelgangers,  the ambiguities of man interacting with beast, inspired by Garry Winogrand, animals in their surroundings and also free of their enclosures, and finally textures and patterns that are found in abundance when you have such magnificent beasts!
Wild times were had by all!


On the road again...Baltimore

2016 OHS Art Students

The best way to usher in Spring, even if there is one last tease of snow, is to get out and experience new ideas! 

There was much inspiration to be found at the American Visionary Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art in Charm City! It was a brisk day full of visual delicacies! 

Cosmic Egg

We toured the Visionary Art Museum exhibition celebrating it's 20 years: Big Hope! The exhibition focuses on Hope and Community. These are ideas we have been looking at all year as an Art Department in our classes!
The students also participated in a workshop. They looked at the work of  Gregory Warmack, Mr. Imagination,  and his amazing portraits created from everyday upcycled objects. 

We also toured the Baltimore Museum of Art. Their featured exhibition was Imagining Home.  We explored a variety of perceptions of home and belonging. 

 There were a plethora of meaningful conversations and observations! 


Bring back Spring!

Spring...where did you go? 
It was 70 degrees on Monday...
today is Wednesday and it is suddenly dipped to the 30's....
Let's shake off that chill and  bring back Spring!