Visiting the Edge

Ground Rules

Today I had the pleasure of attending an artist talk at the National Gallery of Art.  
Theaster Gates was visiting the Gallery today in advance of his show: Minor Arts. He is an amazing person!  He is the 4th living artist to have a solo show at the National Gallery of Art!  He spoke so eloquently about his life's experiences and how that has informed his art. This man is an incredible artist, urban planner, advocate, story teller & teacher. 

Theaster Gates discussed learning at an early age that self-sufficiency rules. The ability to convert and utilize the skillset you have so you can survive makes for a very rich life. 
He elaborated on his observations on artists. Artists no longer need to be singular and specific...they should play with all modes and mediums...
Use of materials should not limit what can be created...and then use what you know to leave your environment better than you found it! Superb and sound advice in 2017.
I was so moved and enthralled by his life thus far, I am a fan and will continue to learn more…and grow with what he has inspired…

Celebrating Regional Scholastic Art Awards!

The state of American Education...

Shaking off the week...

This week ended the first semester. Imagine frantic students stressing about what was not turned in and the realization that  there are no more chances this go around...the final bell rings and then suddenly quiet hallways. So quiet.
I found myself wanting to take my camera out and capture those same students blowing off steam and enjoying the weekend! I grabbed my camera gear, husband and my own kids and headed to the basketball court where the players and fans did not disappoint!!! Best high school game I have ever watched!
Fast moving game...each team matching point for point...resulting in a double overtime even a righteous Hail Mary!!! Final score 64-56, Cougars beat the Chargers!

Hawaiian Night at the Cougar Den  

Love this capture by my in my natural habitat doing my thing...