Conversation Partners...

This pandemic has changed the way we interact with our families, friends, co-workers and most of all how we teach. The studio environment is a unique place where the conversations and human interactions are equal to the work. The current situation has us improvising. More on that in another post...
I am so fortunate that I have a studio space in my home. It is the perfect reprieve from the news, and a quiet refuge from the 24/7 hustle and bustle of my family.

Earlier this week I was struggling with making a demonstration recording for creating a tunnel book. 

Stretching my laptop up and tilting it with the aide of the table top easel allows the built in camera to capture the demonstrations was a great solution. (photo above)

I approached it like a cooking show, prepping all the steps and laying it out for ease during the demonstration. Just as I would in a classroom setting demonstration, but closer confines.

Talking through the process to an empty room was quite strange. So, I improvised and asked a fellow artist to listen in and converse with me as I went through all the steps. Having a conversation partner created that illusion of normalcy that I needed, that sense of being together in the making space.

The video was not perfect, but it was genuine and explained the steps thoroughly and offered side bar tidbits on where to find clever ephemera. I am grateful to my art hive and all that is 
happening to support our students during this surreal moment in our history. I know as I get comfortable with this new strange reality the adventurous spirit will return and I will learn to enjoy making conversations with the walls in my studio...

                                                   Out of this World                                                  Tunnel Book



I have participated in an abundance of virtual meetings as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since I am attending from my studio I have delighted in taking notes on craft paper or black paper...using a variety of drawing utensils. Reminding me of the joy of is visually pleasing and I find myself rereading them when I am hanging out in the studio after hours. They contain advice, ideas and mantras food for thought from what I heard, wondered and questioned.
Life has definitely been different, and I am embracing the slow down. Making a concerted effort not to be anchored to the screens all day, but taking daily bike rides, photographing the wildlife and beautiful blooms in my yard and making art a priority. Talking with my loved ones, near and far has also been great fun! 

#30dayartquarantine #stayhome #hereifyouneedme #sketchnotes


April Showers...

March snuck out the back door, leaving all its dirty laundry...
Grateful to April for leaving the fools back at the ranch.
Wishin' those April showers would wash the pandemic away.
Hope you are healthy and taking care of yourselves.
Covid-19 is no joke.

#30dayartquarantine is still a thing....and now more than ever, STAY HOME.