New school year...new routines!

This school year will be like no other. Yesterday Eddie had to go to campus to be sure his computer had all the necessary updates for today. He indulged me with a few photos...this is the first time he has not shared this experience with his brother. Starting his junior year in a virtual setting is bound to have its challenges, but he is excited to get started and see what the year holds. 
Today, I heard him laughing and talking with his classmates online. The sound of laughter and engagement gives me all the warm fuzzies. And one bonus of learning from home, a little post lunch snooze before the afternoon classes begin. 
    With a sneaky four legged supervisor...
Here is to a new school year and new routines! May we all stay healthy and engaged in this virtual terrain until we can resume in person experiences. 


Creativity is a hoot!

 As we embark on this school year let creativity prevail, let go of old habits and routines. ..embrace the fluidity of the moment. Step away from the screen, make art with abandon. Mail your artwork to a friend via snail mail. Creativity is a hoot!