Lewie's Clan from his World of Awesome!

Family Photo
(From Left: Pancakes the Mouse, Bunnelby, Holdemhuggen Owl, Cocoa Bunny, Zing Monkey, Banannas, Professor Hoots and WieWei the Alien with Ally-Gator laying in front)

This is Pancakes the mouse.
"Pancakes was a seed of something more...he shall be the sock mouse revolution!!!"Lewie exclaims! We will be seeing more of this mouse's escapades.

Lewie has a penance for the soft and cuddly! It is a joy to watch him create these creatures and imagine their personalities.
These are the characters in his
World of Awesome
 I am so proud of his little crew of hand crafted sock animals!

Holiday Cookie Exchange!


Today I am off to a Holiday Cookie Exchange! I made Even Sluttier Brownies, a brownie bar some of my students introduced me to...
and then I gleefully packaged them in orange fishnets to complete the spectacle!
Recipe can be found at WWW.FOOD.COM



Frosty has made an appearance in the neighborhood!
Abundance of snow and beauty this morning in my backyard!

Eddie is battle ready... LOOK OUT!


Snow Days make great Photo Days!

Loved stumbling upon this little gem in the back yard!


Snow Day~!

First Snow day of the school year!!! Enjoy the day, go outside and PLAY!!!


Educating the Educators...


I stumbled upon this article this morning... it is a very interesting read! As a "veteran" (this amuses me, I feel like I just started) teacher I can not stress enough stretching my own continuous education and refining of the craft of teaching. Even after all these years there should not be boundaries, but boundless energy and exploration to keep it relevant and engaging!

Keeping it relevant really relies in huge part on KNOWING your students...Here is a particularly insightful excerpt form the article....

....Thus teaching is a deeply social and emotional activity. You have to know your students and be able to read them quickly, and from that reading make decisions to slow down or speed up, stay with a point or return to it later, connect one student’s comment to another’s. Simultaneously, you are assessing on the fly Susie’s silence, Pedro’s slump, Janelle’s uncharacteristic aggressiveness. Students are, to varying degrees, also learning from each other, learning all kinds of things, from how to carry oneself to how to multiply mixed numbers. How teachers draw on this dynamic interaction varies depending on their personal style, the way they organize their rooms, and so on—but it is an ever-present part of the work they do....

 Worth the read...


Union Market

Took an adventure into DC on Saturday
love to support Small Business Saturday...
We found ourselves at Union Market ... a lovely treasure trove of foodie delights!
Enjoyed delicious coffee and bagels at Buffalo &  Bergen... then strolled around to the upstairs to a fabulous Pop-Up Artisan Market...
Turns out we were not the only ones enjoying our Saturday outing...Attorney General Eric Holder was afoot with his family and security detail as well!