Herstory: Donna...Celebrating Bad Ass Women

Donna thought retirement would be the lapse of luxury...we all know there is no rest for the wicked! 
This delightfully wise and wicked woman has been knee deep in advocating for her community since she left the education business... you know what they say...once a teacher, always a teacher. 
Donna is out registering voters, getting others to the polls and educating folks on the democratic process. Deeply determined to be the change in the air, she works tirelessly in her community. I have deep admiration for this dynamic lady! She is a force. 


Herstory: Fearless Girl....Celebrating Bad Ass Women!

Fearless Girl created by artist Kristen Visbal has been taking on the bull of Wall Street! This was installed in the wee hours of the morning mimicking the Bull installation. The Girl has stolen the hearts of New Yorkers as well as a treasure trove of tourists!
Great news... it is now scheduled to stay until early 2018! This is a change from the original one 
month stay that was planned. This girl can continue to inspires the masses!


Herstory: Hilde....Celebrating Bad Ass Women!

 This wild woman made her first trip to New York City this month!  Hilde is a performance artist, accomplished art educator and mother of two from the West...she took full advantage of her Big Apple opportunity!
Hilde even managed to find a quiet moment on the buzzing NYC subway!
 She kept a list of all the she would not forget with all the stimulation of the big city and conference offerings! Some of the list: Subway ride, cab ride, Chelsea, the Whitney Museum, MOMA, Meret Oppenheim, #art_leg, Irish pubs, Oliver Herring, Jeff Koons, Advanced Style icon & new found friend Deborah, potato in Arabic, thrift stores, Tin foil fascinator, SVA, steam punk goggles...that is just to name a few...
I admire the way Hilde absorbed New York City! 
This lady is a vision in creativity and curiosity! Her students will certainly benefit from her experience at the National Art Education Conference this year! Lucky kiddos!


Herstory : Erica...Celebrating Bad Ass Women!

Today I celebrate Erica. 
She is this glorious, wise and witty woman. 
I met her at a time I needed her most...and did not even know it yet! 
To this day she stays in my head and my heart!

She makes me so happy with her brilliance and vibrancy, even when it is a little twisted!  

So, cheers to you wicked woman of the west!


Herstory : Libya...Celebrating Bad Ass Women!

 Today I celebrate Libya!

 She is an artist teacher enriching the lives of elementary school students while simultaneously engaging in the betterment of her community as an advocate for productive change! 

I met her so many years ago when I first arrived here...she exuded confidence and calm! 

We crossed paths again a couple of years later and she was an exquisite model for my own creative explorations.

 This last weekend I had the pleasure of listening to her moderate a panel on the future of art education at the National Art Education Association conference in New York City! The Challenge of Change: Embracing the Future of Art Education.

This gal is certainly one to watch...and if you are lucky enough have a conversation!