Vote Lady, Vote!

Did you know 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing and protecting the women's right constitutional right to vote. Plan how you will vote this year to celebrate this momentous anniversary!


Energy & Influence

 We are on the brink of an unprecedented school year. Never before have we had so much uncertainty and unknowns. Collectively we must step up and support our educators and school communities, leave judgement at the door and keep an open heart. Practice patience daily. We must also cheer for our students as they navigate this digital migration. 

Our students will mirror our attitudes, so put on a confident face and reassure them they can do this. I once heard someone ask, "How much of my influence on you is a result of your influence on me?"  Consider this as we start the school year. Energy is contagious, let's keep it positive. Let the teachers and students in your life know you support them! 


Summer Reflections

One of the unexpected pleasures of this bizarre Covid lifestyle
is the bike rides. What a joy to see all the beautiful trails
and how they have changed since the Spring and now after
the heavy rains of late summer. I have made bringing my camera part of the ride, slowing it down to enjoy the surroundings, savoring the moment. Awesome reflections. 
Grateful for my partner in crime... so patient. And he also has a great sense of direction, making it easy to try a new route!