Tuesdays Teacher Shout Out...

Education is such a tough business… maintaining a sense of humor and a quick wit is imperative to the sanity of yourself and those who come into contact with you…
 May I present Mr. Adams: Stealth Studio Master

I came to know Mr. Adams as a part time teacher in his Art Department.  The first year I was tucked down the hall in a corridor not very close to the other art teachers… there I quietly  (as quiet as I can be :0 ) taught Studio Art One and Art History….The next year I was lucky enough to move next door to Mr. Adams. And that is when the mayhem began...the department was busy and at times, it was tough to get the students going on a new art work or writing an artist statement. Many of these students generally overwhelmed with all tasks involved in high school these days.


There are times in teaching when you just need to break the mold a little and create some productive distractions... perhaps...installation art!  Inventing a prankster artist that would gleefully make art out of Mr. Adams treasured possessions or the necessities of the art room...It was wonderful to engage the students in creative mischief. The White Knight that soared out of the kids imaginations gave us great challenges and conundrums... especially for my good natured colleague.

We bantered with art mayhem to the students delight. I learned much about taking risk and pushing limits and motivating people! It would not have been nearly as much fun with out Mr. Adams. He was a willing and equally creative participant! Mr. Adams never steps away from trying something new, acknowledging accomplishments, getting completely out of the box or even building one.
He led that Art Department with patience and poise all while juggling his own fabulous studio regimen and busy exhibition schedule.  No task was too much or even too tedious.  He would always would just smile and get it done.  Mr. Adams is such a superb teacher!
 Thank you for choosing education to spend your time and share your energy…you taught me so much!


Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is a week set aside to appreciate teachers. So, this week I would like to call out a few of my colleagues that continuously inspire and keep me going! Teaching is an intense profession. The education business requires continuous buckets of patience, incredible persistence and a sharp skillful wit... Mondays mention goes out to...
 Mrs. Wright, West Coast Photo Mama

Today I celebrate my dear friend: Mrs. Wright… she teaches Photography & Design Crafts extraordinarily!  It was my good fortune, some years ago, to have been teamed with Erica as her mentor for her Practicum and Student Teaching as she embarked into this crazy profession. Little did I know then that I would probably learn as much, if not more, from her as she did from me!

Now a few years later and miles apart we continue to collaborate and plot mischievously to continue to engage ad stimulate our students. Communication is a two way street and we have beat the path ragged.  She is the best sport... skyping with teenagers, brainstorming and sorting out ideas, even accompanying me and my photo darlings all the way to New York City and back on a bus!!!  I appreciate your drive, and your sarcasm! Thank you for inspiring me and always challenging me. I hope you know you rock.