Engaging with Marvels


This past fall I took my students to Pittsburgh to investigate two marvels, Frank Lloyd Wright and Andy Warhol as well as some pretty amazing contemporary artists at the Mattress Factory. It was a new excursion for me too, and it was a great experience. The students relished the wide open spaces of Kentuck Knob, the magnificence of Falling Water and the urbanscape of Pittsburgh. The tenacious nature of Warhol being Warhol. We even had a great time playing with light painting at the hotel after our full day of learning and traveling!

As we rolled through these spaces, learning about these very different creative eclectic marvels, the students were completely engaged and at times in awe of their surroundings!

We had our share of photo fun as well...the light painting was a blast! The perfect way to blow off steam after such an intense day!

 These students really bonded over the course of this two day journey. An art community was made!

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite teaching moments happen when I observe my students seeing new things and experiencing artworks and multifaceted ideas for the first time?
It is as if I can see their brains going a million miles per minute!
 It is exhilarating!

Self, Landscape, RED...


    So, I am snowed in for a few days! It is the perfect time to catch up on the 52 Week Challenge!  I am admittedly late to the party with, I chose to combine the first three weeks into one photo and will keep up with the weekly prompts now. The first three prompts were: Self-Portrait, landscape and Red. So, voila, there I am...I have been waiting for a long time to wear these boots! Thanks to #Blizzard2016 The photo above was Friday, the photograph below is from today, we topped out at about 23 inches of snow. 
        Inspired by my dear friend, Erica, I encourage you to look at her 52 weeks as well!



 Here is to good fortune and being kind to others in 2016. 
You never know what battles the people you come into contact with are fighting. Choose kindness over a sharp or judgmental tongue. A smile goes a long way!

                                                                    Photo credit: Daniel Nugent