Spring Break!

We took a Spring Break adventure to New York City,
Street Art abounds,
Chelsea Hotel is closed for renovations...
The boys wanted to look tough on the way to Times Square
as hearts took flight.

Eddie enjoyed free Haiku's in DUMBO


Can't wait to go round again!

Happy Snappy Easter!


Snow on the 25th of March

Woke up this morning to a lovely snow blanketed landscape!
Hope the Easter Bunny has snow shoes if this continues...


New York 2013 Part Two


The Lomography Workshop… Analog education!

The photography students attended a morning workshop learning about the history of the Diana cameras and the founding of the Lomography lifestyle. We then loaded the Diana’s with 120 film and walked to Washington Square. 
Here the students explored Washington Square and took pictures with their Diana’s and their digital cameras. We encountered friendly pigeons, a baby grand piano, dogs carrying newspapers, children running and playing…all captured on film!


Since we have returned I am so pleased to report that the students are excitedly developing the film and contact sheets are being made. The students are thrilled with the results as am I! The darkroom is a buzz with activity and amazement once again.

Thanks to the Lomography store for a wonderful experience and history lesson!!!



      The New York Trip was outstanding! We accomplished so much in two day! I am just going to highlight the Chelsea Gallery district today. The photography students loved the tour, even though we were schlepping through giant snowflakes and high winds! The art work was riveting. We saw a variety of digital installations, photography, painting and sculptural installations.
                   Doug Aitken was a favorite at 303 Gallery with his installation that took out part of the concrete floor and had water dripping from the ceiling it tantalized the senses! Additionally we got to see the always edgy street artist from the 80's  Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Gagosian.   Another highlight, Ragnar kjartansson's a nine panel video and musical installation that really made an impact with the students!  Charlotte Dumas had a very intimate portrait exhibit at the Julie Saul Gallery of the burial horses from Arlington National Cemetery. It was an incredibly handled and remarkable viewing experience.
                     Merrily Kerr did a fabulous job moving the students through each gallery space and safely in the crazy snow!  Sadly, it was snowing so hard I was doing my best just to walk (those of you who know me, know this a challenge on a sunny day) and not fall down that I did not get any photos of the snow! My students captured some lovely images, perhaps they will let me share here sometime.
        This first experience in New York really set the tone and raised the bar for a superb trip! More soon....


How will you celebrate Youth Art Month?

Youth Art Month

  It is hard to believe we have sailed right in to March…March happens to be Youth Art Month.  We are celebrating the visual arts in many ways this month at Oakton High School!

                The Art History club has created an in-house celebration of seniors in the art program with a fantastic display in the library! These shows kick-off this  Monday March 5th! Kudos to the Art History Club for making this happen and creating such a nice space and schedule for our OHS seniors!

 Leading off the month is the show Shriek, Struggles and Swirls at the Adam Lister Gallery!  This show was curated by two of our seniors with a passion for promoting young artists ( ).  These students have even developed an online gallery representing several OHS artists as well as other students in the area. The reception for this show is Thursday March 7th from 6pm-8:30pm. The gallery is at Old Town Fairfax Village Plaza, 3950 University Drive, Fairfax VA 22030.

            The Photography and Studio Art students will be heading to New York City for March 8th and 9th for an intense two days of Gallery tours, museum inspiration and on location photo shoots! We will be walking the Chelsea Gallery district led by Merrily Kerr and her New York Art Tours ( ) and participating in a Lomography Workshop in SOHO, a night shoot in Times Square and engaging in architectural studies at Rockefeller Center and perusing the Museum of Modern Art as well as the mother ship The Metropolitan Museum of Art!

            We wrap up this exciting month with another student exhibition in Reston, VA at the Greater Reston Arts Center! ( ) Several students are creating artwork dealing with social issues that resonate with them personally. This show is called Emerging Visions. These students have been working since November on the idea development and execution of these artworks! The show includes student artwork from Oakton High School, South Lakes High School, Thomas Jefferson High and Herndon High School. The reception for this event is March 15th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Additionally, some of these students will participate in an artist’s panel discussion on the evening of March 21st! 

            We have filled our month with meaningful and artful opportunities! I hope that you can take advantage of the month as well and support the young and emerging artists in your community!