Happy Thanksgiving!

My mom and sister are off to find another Thanksgiving adventure..
They have gone to the Grand Canyon on the train, kayaked in Idaho to feast on wine and salmon
and now
Those two curious ladies are headed away to stay the night in a Tee Pee, hike the day away,
take in Evita, & enjoy a Rod Stewart-Tom Jones cover band...
Safe Travels and I'll be thinking of you!


Remembering last Thanksgiving fondly...

Last year we went to Austin, Texas to spend Thanksgiving at my brother's house...
It was the first time we were all together at his house!

Many a photo were taken...

And many great laughs were shared...wonderful memories!

My favorite family photo of the that week was our well "deviced" portrait featured above! Is this how Norman Rockwell would paint a modern day family?


Holiday Photo Shoot with OHS Photo Phamily...

This past Saturday the OHS Photo Club (Photo Phamily) hosted their
3rd Annual Holiday Photo Shoot.
It is so much fun to create photographs of our school community.

We had the priviledge of interacting with all kinds of personalities!

Babies and little kids always steal the show! 

It is so much fun to ham it up! Even the students got to have a little photo fun! 

You can keep up with all of our Photo Phamily shenannigans at DslRawr...

Playing in the Night with Light...

One of the perks of the fall time change...

You do not have wait so long to paint with light!

So, armed with our cameras and tripods we
headed outdoors to play!

We played with multiple lights sources...

Finger beams,


Glow Sticks...

and a healthy dose of enthusiasm!


Out and about...thrifting and creating photographs

There is no better way to spend a day than with a good friend, my camera and a plethora
of eye candy and treats.
One of my favorite activities is to go thrifting and treasure hunt...

Found a strange doll head with full fluttering eyes...

  Immediately smitten with this little head I had to take her around and make photographs!

There is a fabulous place in Buckeystown, MD, Chartreuse and Company

And then there is Lucketts too!

A treasure trove of possibilities!

The dice and the dominoes were also new acquisitions.




The Photographers...

Two Saturdays in a row we photographed the OHS Football players in our
It was incredibly fun and a great learning experience!
We had a little fun taking photos of the photographers as well...




Rich was a HUGE help in this undertaking!!!
Thank you!