Photo Phreaks and Art Geeks take in NYC and Brooklyn!

  This weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying 52 photography & studio art students and three other good natured chaperones to NYC and Brooklyn. Leaving Oakton on Friday morning the thermometer read 9 degrees!!!
Our agenda was packed with purposeful art and photo study...
The Chelsea Galleries are always full of mind bending works and inspiration.
We had the benefit of the masterful Tour guide Merrily Kerr. She always provides an
incredible context for the students and shows us an incredible variety of medium and concepts while skillfully leading us through Chelsea.


After we take in Chelsea we head to the MOMA to see their latest offerings as well!
This year it was the Walker Evans photography that took our breath away.
The AP Students were off to find their master painters to study for their photographic responses.
Already a full day...we check into the hotel and clean up for dinner at the Playwright Tavern.
Then it is off to Time Square to practice a little long exposure photography amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy city center. 


After a solid day of looking, photographing, walking, talking and learning...
it is off to bed to rest up for day two.
Early to rise we head out to DUMBO to photograph the amazing Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. It was a balmy 32 degrees, which was in stark contrast to our departure from VA the day before.

It was delightful to watch the Jane's Carousel go round...

The Brooklyn Museum of Art was insightful as well! I had never seen Judy Chicago's Dinner Party. It was an inspiring learning opportunity and I was in awe of the experience.
After the museum we headed to Urban Glass to see a hot glass demonstration.
There is an undeniable draw to fire, smoke, red hot glass that looks like molasses...
It was awesome! 

This was my third year bringing students to New York City from Oakton High School and they never disappoint!! My favorite part of this trip is watching the students realize the possibilities and  
 drink in the possibilities art has to offer!