New Terrain

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc. This virus has forever changed life as we know it, although we do not yet know how much. 

There are many new obstacles, and even more layers to peel back as we move forward. I do not yet have the words..

 ...but I have been making art daily since the schools have closed. The art gives my brain a break from the frenetic news and social media overload. (I highly recommend making a creative space in your home)

This new week brought the news that Virginia schools will close for the remainder of the school year. Sad to miss out on the end of year milestones and celebrations. Now actively working towards an instructional migration to distance learning. Striving to figure out how to  maintain the personal connections that are so natural and important in studio classes.

 Practice patience and generosity like never before. Stay home folks.
*to see more of these daily art exercises visit @sillysusansilva on Instagram.