Sweet Inspiration!

  As summer wanes, the school bells get polished and the yellow buses practice  new routes, school supplies are on every shelf in the store...the teachers are eagerly and anxiously preparing...

 These last two weeks have been a great adventure! While talking to a friend I referred to it as Teacher Camp! Sounds cheesy, but seriously I am so pumped to go back to school and see my students! Looking at the school year through the lens of a first year teacher is AWESOME! I had many reflective moments where my early years came barreling back!

How is this for a throwback photo...

    This year I am working as a Great Beginnings coach in addition to my regular teaching gig. Our district is gaining 2,000 new teachers this year! And lucky for them there is a fabulous induction program, Great Beginnings, to support them in this critical first year!

    I spent the last two weeks getting to know more about the county where I teach with  incredible professional development that included stellar reminders on procedures and routines to best engage the students and maintain communication with parents. I then got to turn around and share it with all the new secondary Fine and Performing Arts teachers.
  We are very fortunate to have these educators! Personally, I am so lucky to be participating in this adventure with these folks because I have many new ideas as well as reawakened ideas and thoughts that may have slipped over the horizon through the years. Always learning, refining and striving higher!
  Best of luck to my friends of education as a new year begins... so many possibilities! Put on your teacher costume and SMILE!!!


Ahhhhh! Summer...

Enjoying that great big ocean is a little boys delight!