Museum Day!

First Metro Meet-Up of the school year was a wonderful outing to the 
National Museum of Women in the Arts!
Museum Day was this past Saturday, so it was the perfect excuse to go. 
We had a great group of budding creatives to share the experience.
We enjoyed art and many curious conversations,
 found a cool new pizza place that 
one of our students chose...
took photos, stopped by the art store!

It is days like these, seeing my students revel in the 
art and craft of others...challenging their thinking and
seeing things that they have never seen before...yes, it is definitely days like these that I savor! 

Happy Fall! 
Now, get out and look at something new, made 
by an artist! Then go make something yourself!

Light and Shadow

  09/03/2018                                                                                           Boonsboro, MD