Masterwork Reboot

  Visiting my Aunt & Uncle in Ohio this past May...they were great sports and allowed me to play with the idea of reinterpreting

 A home and farm founded in 1940, the Geisler Homestead.
Authentic living.


Workhouse Arts Center: RAKU

Today I had the pleasure of participating in the Raku fire at the Workhouse Arts Center in the Ceramics block! 
It was a wonderful refresher and an inspiring day. 
And Mother Nature was gracious and granted us perfect weather! 

Raku by nature is a collaborative venture, relying on everyone present to do a different task 
to complete the firing process. That is one of the reasons that I love this style of firing. It is so awesome working with 
artists from different backgrounds to create this shared experience.

The word RAKU means contentment or ease.

The Workhouse is an incredible facility with a first class 
artist faculty!

                             Brian Grow & Joe Dailey lead the Raku!

I will leave you with this to ponder... practicing and exploring a variety of media, even if it is not your "wheelhouse" will 
undoubtedly inspire you and wake-up/shake-up new ideas and curiosities! I strongly suggest getting out there and trying something new or revisiting an old technique! 
There is always new ground to cover.



Quiet hot long days...
Resting in fields with livestock
cherished memories.