Artscape...getting back to Baltimore

Today was the final day of ARTSCAPE 2015. Artscape is an expansive free art festival that brings the city of Baltimore to life! So today, I made it my business to cruise up the beltway to participate in all the fun the festival has to offer! I grabbed some of my wonderful lady friends and of course my camera and we were off!
It was a super humid and hot day, but thankfully that did not deter the artists or patrons!
There were out of this world art cars, jewelers, frozen sorbet, performances, muralists...
A treasure trove of visual stimulation!
Today was a delightful day spent seeing Baltimore as it should be seen an outstanding art scene with an eclectic audience of festival goers in a safe and beautiful city!


Reflecting on the Practice

Last week I had the opportunity to teach a one week summer camp, aptly titled: Picture This!
The camp was open to youth ages 12 to 14 years old. There were 8 participants.
I must confess here, I have never in my 20 years of teaching worked at a summer camp, much less designed a sequence for a camp. So, needless to say, I was a little nervous, but ready for the challenge.
It was incredible. I put together a sequence of experiences in all things photo! The kids built pinhole cameras and took selfies, made photograms, developed film, learned camera settings, LOVED the light painting...and at the end of the week they were asking for another week!
The young artists navigated the darkroom, the studio and the light painting stage with the confidence of old pros by the end of the week. It was delightful and inspiring to see their ideas take off and the experimentation and problem solving ensue! Their energy and engagement was uncontainable.
It is so satisfying to facilitate and observe the creative process! It is a craft in itself, teaching. It is the best kind of performance art out there. It is the experience of making that informs the final product and encapsulated in that is the memory of the action that created the work.
Tonight is the reception at Greater Reston Arts Center for the Art Educator's show. I am looking forward to seeing the artwork. I have tremendous respect for educators that actively make their own work as well as inspire other artists with what they know and are so skillfully able to teach.