December Walk


It has been chilly, but so sunny and pretty this month. Yesterday while on a walk through the woods I enjoyed sharing space with the wild life. Get outside and savor the weather. 


Town Hall Conversations



Tonight I logged onto Zoom for a NAEA Town Hall. I must say these days are long when tethered to the screen as I am so many days So, tonight I connected my computer to my TV to watch in a more leisurely environment, not my studio that has become my pandemic office. The difference sharing on a TV screen was immediately more interesting for me...sitting by the fire, with my cat and husband tuning into the latest conversations in art education. I must admit, I was also highly motivated to tune it because my friend was a panelist. Having her and the whole panel visit my living room was a delight!

 It was such a thought provoking conversation. The format was incredibly inviting it was called Long Conversation. Person A & B will engage in a 6 minute dialogue. There is a one minute warning to wrap the conversation and then the interviewee becomes the interviewer of the next panelist. It will continue until all panelists have engaged. The flow was so inviting and listening to the different view points kept the conversation fresh and moving. The concluding question between each panelist was how they are exercising self care during this pandemic. Listening to the different ways self care is practiced was cathartic and a reminder that it is necessary. 

A quote that resonated with me was "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." originally said by Audra Lorde and restated tonight by Ruth as she reflected on journaling as a means for self care and processing this time.  

The strategies discussed tonight are immediately practical to our classrooms and school systems. I am continuously reminded to be more aware of my own bias' and reflective in my personal growth. Surround yourself with people that inspire and challenge you. Welcome perspectives that are uncomfortable, it is in that space growth is possible.


Artist Teacher Exhibition 2020

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Fine Arts Office is proud to present its 13th annual Artist Teacher Exhibition. This art exhibition recognizes the creativity and technical expertise of FCPS art teachers who were invited to submit original recent works for this exhibition. 

The participating artists have sought solace in the creative process as a response to the coronavirus crisis and ensuing quarantine lifestyle that stemmed from it. The resulting artwork of the 76 FCPS artist teachers who participated is extraordinary and we are very much looking forward to sharing it with you. 

This year has been challenging; showing the artwork in a gallery as we have done in years past was not an option. Instead, the Artist Teacher Exhibition 2020 is presented here as a digital gallery experience. Please take a moment and enjoy the artistry of FCPS educators.

We also got a little love from the local news! Here is the link to that story.