Take Time to Wonder...

The Renwick Gallery recently celebrated it's reopening after a renovation.

The Renwick is refreshed and overwhelmingly popular, lines daily with astonishing crowds! 
I went in December and quickly realized it was not my day to enjoy the Wonder.
Too many people to really be in the space and take in the art work.

I returned last week for their incredible Handi-Hour. It is a makers cocktail hour dream!

 I enjoyed live music and craft beer while creating a string art design on cork board as well as a few snarky valentines.

Amazing, exquisite and so satisfying. Visually delicious and thoughtfully, skillfully crafted.

It was awesome to be there, with the installations, in the quiet of the evening.
No hustle of the crowds, just the quiet of the space and the art.

Next month I will be there again, to continue to explore the gallery and of course enjoy the Handi-hour offering! 
Photography is encouraged and has become a major part of the draw... interesting article I found in the Washington Post.



February is the perfect month to hibernate with your own curiosities & creativity...



Groundhogs Day!

     Happy Groundhogs day! 
  So relieved that the little rodent did not see his shadow this morning...has he been studying up on global warming? 
Hmmmmm....anyway, we are already two days into the month of Caucusing,Groundhogs, Superbowls, Oscars and Love! Enjoy February, blink and you may miss it.