Cheers to 24 years: Glass & Whiskey

We just celebrated our wedding anniversary. To celebrate the day we found the perfect date experience, cocktails and art. And of course we took our cameras to document the event.

Sagamore Whiskey Distillery teamed up with McFadden Glass Art Studio in Baltimore to offer the perfect pairing: Make your own rocks glasses and enjoy a flight of whiskey. 

The glass artists were welcoming,  knowledgeable and patient guides. They made creating glasses a seamless experience. 
Then we moved on to the tasting, it was definitely tasty and our whiskey sommelier was delightful and it was interesting to learn the history of the Sagamore brand.


Artist Teacher Exhibition: Text Messages

 The Workhouse Arts Center will be buzzing this Saturday evening with the festivities of Second Saturday. Join me at our reception in Building #16 upstairs in McGuire Woods Gallery.  Enjoy the artwork of the very talented FCPS artist teachers! And our new superintendent, Dr. Michelle Reid will be on hand to give remarks at the reception.  


The Nest

 This past spring we noticed a petite nest being constructed inside an azalea bush in our front yard. It was no bigger than an orange at the time...as the days went by it increased in size daily. 

The wasps that resided there were prolific in their construction and it soon ballooned into a large bulbous community that hummed and vibrated in the heat of the summer sun.

We made a sign to warn visitors so no one would get caught off guard and stung by our busy, buzzy friends. As summer waned and fall set in the occupants moved on and abandoned the nest. This week I carefully removed the nest from the bush. I carefully  examined the construction and beauty of the architecture. The striations throughout the surface are magnificent. It was a delight to photograph.

Now the nest is packaged up, ready for it's second act as art object. Tomorrow I am mailing it to artist Jennifer Angus. She currently has an installation in the Fragile Earth exhibition at the Brandywine Museum in Chadd's Fort PA. Her work is stunning and her message timely and powerful. 


The Sketchbook Project, the next gen...


This semester I have the pleasure of teaching Introduction to Art Education at George Mason University. Now that we are straddling the halfway mark I can say it is my favorite part of the week! Unpacking and examining the many layers of what we do everyday in an art classroom is invigorating and undoubtedly these students raise questions that keep me on my toes. 

It has also provided me the opportunity to revisit and reimagine the Sketchbook Project (SBP). The first SBP began in 2020 during the height of the pandemic as a way to build community among students while virtual. That year the students mailed (via snail mail) the sketchbook to each other on a weekly rotation and documented their spreads on their blogs. To learn about that SBP, click this link.

This second iteration of the SBP has definitely taken on it's own personality, the weekly entries are grounded in the readings, observations and explorations of each week. The students are able to pass the book to each other during class time, no mail necessary. However, documenting the process on their blogs is still an expectation. 
Then every week in class whichever student had the sketchbook that week presents their spread and how they captured their thoughts and documented them artfully. There is no media limitation for inside the SBP, and every spread must include a pop-up feature. 
The end of the semester will result in a completed Sketchbook Project showcasing a rich, visual chronology of what the student's were contemplating during the various weeks throughout the fall semester.  

Welcoming back the new school year!

We are two weeks into the school year and this post feels  tardy! Reconnecting with teachers and students in their beloved studio classrooms is what I am looking forward to the most. We gathered for our fall in-service in late August to kick off the new year. 

It is incredibly inspiring to be in the company of 300+ art educators! It was an opportunity to share exemplary lessons, materials management strategies and most of all laugh and share space. It is such a privilege to teach in a county where many talented art teachers that are willing to share their practice with each other.  


NAEA Member Exhibition 2022

 NAEA received 425 entries during the call for submissions and 80 artworks were jury selected for inclusion. I am so tickled to be included in the exhibition this year!  It is so cool to be a member of an organization that celebrates artmaking and provides an opportunity to showcase its members skills. 

Velvet Grip

View the complete exhibition, here in the NAEA Virtual Gallery.

Founded in 1947, NAEA is the leading professional membership organization exclusively for visual arts, design, and media arts educators. Members include elementary, middle, and high school visual arts educators; college and university professors; university students preparing to be art educators; researchers and scholars; teaching artists; administrators and supervisors; and art museum educators—as well as more than 40,000 students who are members of the National Art Honor Society.


The Feather Project

 Artist Maggie Lina Kerrigan is working on a community art project to be featured at the 2022 Aware Exhibition in Virginia Beach. It is the Feather Project.

 The Feather Project is a community art project designed to bring awareness about the tragedy of Indian Boarding Schools and to promote healing by both indigenous and non-indigenous people as they come together to acknowledge our past and shape a path to the future. We have a goal of collecting at least 50,000 feathers from people nationwide to hang from the gallery ceiling. International participants are welcome as well!

For all the pertinent details and how you can participate use this link