Snow Day Riff

A vibrant spectacle, a sight to view.

At the tiny table with peanuts so sweet,

They join the feast with rhythmic wingbeat.

With feathers of azure, a bold display,

They share the bounty in a spirited ballet.

Swooping low, with a cheerful cry,

They join the gathering, filling the sky.

The tiny table, a community affair,

Filled with chatter, a lively air.

Squirrels and blue jays, a harmonious scene,

In the snowy wonder, where joy convenes.

And there, a raccoon with a mischievous grin,

Dons a snowy mask, ready to begin.

Through the drifts, it prowls with curious glee,

In the snow day's joy, a masked mystery.

So, let's celebrate the joy they find,

In a snow day's magic, one of a kind.

For in this winter wonder, wildlife at play,

Make a snow day bright in their own special way.


A look back...12/31/23

Here we are on the precipice of a new chapter, I want to reflect on the profound symphony of artistic growth, friendships and opportunities that defined 2023. 

                                                                                                   Alicia Eggert

 I will carry forward into 2024 the lessons learned and the inspirations gleaned from this year. May the echoes of artistic growth continue to resonate, driving me to push the boundaries of my creativity and explore new territories. 

The support system built among kindred spirits has been a source of strength, propelling me to keep pushing myself. Being part of the School for Art Leaders is proving to be a rich growing experience.  Reminding me it is important to broaden horizons and grow my circles. 


In the crucible of collaboration ideas find new dimensions. The Artist Teacher Exhibition highlighted the many ways artist collaborate. It also provided delightful open studio time for artist teachers to come together to make art, laugh and dish. 
 I also had the pleasure this year to give closing remarks for a GMU Student Art Exhibition at NAEA headquarters in Alexandria. It was joyful and heartening to mingle with the next generation of art educators.

In the tapestry of everyday life, inspiration weaves itself seamlessly through the threads of mundane moments and social interactions. 

It is in the shared laughter over morning meetings and coffee, the subtle dance of conversation with strangers in elevators, and the quiet symphony of scenic views along the bike trail and all the other ordinary gestures that the extraordinary takes root. 

Each encounter, however fleeting, becomes a a source of fascination and prompting me to see the beauty in the ebb and flow of the human that time Elvis came to the dinner party!

Stepping into 2024, I will carry forward the lessons learned and the bonds strengthened in 2023. I look to continue collaborations, flourish friendships, and share more artistic journeys.

Cheers to the friends who stood by us, the fellow makers who inspired us, and the art that binds us all together.

As we bid adieu (was that your starter word for Wordle?) to 2023, let us carry forward the lessons learned and the inspirations gleaned from this remarkable year. Remarkable like Beyonce, Barbie, female voters in Ohio and Taylor Swift, demonstrating the ultimate girl power!

May the echoes of artistic growth continue to resonate, driving  the boundaries of our creativity and explore uncharted territories. This year I am proud that my artwork was included in several exhibitions around the DMV and throughout the postal much mail art! 

Wishing you a year ahead filled with inspiration, creative triumphs, and the enduring warmth of artistic camaraderie. Here's to a future where the arts continue to thrive, shaping a world that values the profound impact of imagination.



Second Saturday at the Workhouse: Raku to Go

This past weekend was the Winter Works celebration in conjunction with Second Saturday at the Workhouse Arts Center. The holiday season brings with it a unique charm, making volunteering during this time even more special. A delightful opportunity to reconnect with friends whom I have not seen in a while. 

In the festive ambiance of the ceramics studio, surrounded by the spirit of creativity, we helped the patrons select pots, glaze them and then enjoy the spectacle of the Raku experience! It was such a pleasure to see families and friends crafting something together creating lasting memories in the form of unique, handmade art. 

Volunteering during the holiday season is a heartwarming blend of community service, friendship rekindling, and creative collaboration, making it a truly special experience.


11th Annual 10 x 10 Invitational at Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center

December 9–December 24, 2023

Opening Reception Sat., Dec. 9, 5–9 pm

This annual exhibition bash has just two rules: all work must measure 10 x 10 inches and be priced at $60. The gallery will be bursting with over 300 artworks donated by 200 artists. See the full exhibition in person December 9-10 and online thereafter, but starting December 15th, buyers may take their work home for instant gratification. The show will be re-arranged each week to promote new discoveries, and we encourage you to come back again and again!

I am so thrilled to have three artworks in the show alongside so many stellar artists and friends. Above is one of the monoprints I submitted, to see the rest you must go to the show or look online starting this Friday!

VAEA State Conference 2023

Tomorrow kicks off the Virginia Art Education Association (VAEA) state conference! If you have never joined the fun, let me tell you a few reasons why it is important to me...

VAEA provides a nurturing community where artists, educators, and enthusiasts forge meaningful connections. This camaraderie fosters an environment where individuals with a shared passion for the arts can engage in enriching conversations, share experiences, and support each other in their creative journeys.

As a member of VAEA, access to a wealth of cutting-edge curriculum resources becomes readily available. Stay at the forefront of art education with innovative teaching methodologies, lesson plans, and professional development opportunities. VAEA ensures that educators have the tools they need to inspire and empower their students through a dynamic and evolving curriculum.

VAEA serves as a catalyst for unleashing and nurturing creativity. Through workshops, events, and collaborative opportunities, members are exposed to a dynamic space where creativity flourishes. Whether discovering new techniques or engaging with innovative ideas, VAEA empowers artists to expand their creative horizons and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving world of art education.

Membership transcends the traditional boundaries of an association; it is an invitation to be part of a transformative journey. By joining, individuals not only gain access to invaluable resources but also become integral contributors to a community that values and celebrates artistic excellence.

I am proud to be presenting at two sessions this weekend. The first one is a studio workshop with my visual arts colleagues in FCPS, Art Shenanigans: Fun & Play with Art Games. A fast paced workshop that promotes exploration, experimentation, ideation and social emotional well-being.  The second one is a presentation in collaboration with other fine arts supervisors, Marketing Yourself for the Art Education Landscape. We will be sharing tips and tricks for landing the teaching gig you seek! 

See you in Harrisonburg! 


16th Annual Artist Teacher Exhibition: The Collective

The Workhouse Arts Center and Fairfax County Schools are proud to present The Collective. The exhibition explores how artists collaborate with or are inspired by other artists to create artwork. Dadaists believed that the value of art lay not in only the work produced, but in the act of making, and sharing that act with others - that spirit of play, inspiration, and collaboration is central to art education. 

The Collective exhibition aims to reflect the connections within our art-teaching community of makers. The Collective is up from October 20th - December 2nd. The reception is Saturday, November 11th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. 

I hope to see you there!  I have a diptych in the show that was inspired by using my my aunt's crocheted handiwork. The artwork explores the intricate artistry of crochet in tandem with mixed media and analog darkroom processes to create a new media narrative. 


Recent Works at the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum this weekend!


Go on an art outing this weekend! 
Stop in and say hello, peruse the art and enjoy a cocktail.
Get a jump on your holiday shopping with a one of kind gift.

                                  Camera Study 1               Silva

                                                                               The Haunting                                 Silva