The Sketchbook Project


The sketchbook project was a surrealist experiment. This handmade book traveled between 12 participants throughout the span of this spring semester. Each individual had the book for one week to add their own spin on the contents. The recipient each week connected/transitioned the artwork from the previous person. Additionally they wrote the new recipient a friendly note to be slid in between the pages where they would be starting. The end result is an art object representing the students in AVT 668, 2021 spring semester. It brings the most satisfying closure to what has been an unpredictable and challenging semester!


In the Garden with Walt

We were together. I forget the rest. 
                                              Walt Whitman

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing a dear friend's pop up wedding in a beautifully lush garden off the beaten path of a busy trail. The lily pads were preparing to catch the rain and the winds were rapidly picking up...passion in the air. Surrounded by the poetry of Walt Whitman, it was the perfect spot for nuptials. 




                                                           Airborne                            08/2020

A year ago, while in the throws of the pandemic, I was looking to fill my creative bucket when I happened upon an art opportunity on an Art & Opportunities page. It was a call to participate in game of telephone between artists.

Much to my delight I was sent a poem, I See A Darkness, to read and create a visual response. When I was given the poem, I was not given the authors name, which I now know is Calyn Kelly from Eugene Oregon. My artwork would then be sent on to an artist for creative interpretation and so on...

Today, April 10th, the Telephone exhibition is revealed! 900 artists, 493 cities and 72 countries! I am so thrilled to have been a part of this palatial undertaking! Visit the site and enjoy the cacophony of music, poetry, art and dance, creative exuberance that is the result of the Telephone Game! 

The game whispered around the world, Telephone. 


Link Stitch Book

Ode to Spring

Link stitched 6"x8" sketchbook with a marble paper cover (hand marbled by me)

The signatures are composed of Canson pastel paper

The back cover has a pocket to save ephemera

The inside cover has decorative embellishments 

*Created 04/2021 


Part and Parcel

Today I had the pleasure of documenting the installation of the 7th temporary public art installation for the Lake Thoreau spillway. 

Created by the South Lakes High School STEAM team, the work explores the Gestalt principle. The Gestalt principle is the idea of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

The team notes that just as the pipes come together to form a greater whole, our communities and frontline workers have  have joined together to fight Covid-19. The distinct colors also represent the connections between different communities which occur in time of crisis.

*Shout out to my friend and colleague Marco Rando, he shares his passion for art making and problem solving in real world scenarios with his students and the South Lakes community.

International Women's Day

There's a new mural in town. A yarn mural designed by London Kaye. It is magnificent. The perfect installation to celebrate International Women's Month.

London Kaye created this design, and asked people from all over the country to contribute pieces to the final mural. The final product was revealed yesterday at the Wharf in DC.