Radiant Energy!

Yayoi Kusama is making her presence known at the Hirshhorn! She is an avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist. Her pumpkin has arrived and it is a lovely foretelling of the work that will be on exhibit in February! We will be so lucky to experience the Infinity Mirrors. I had the pleasure of experiencing her work at the Mattress Factory a year ago in Pittsburgh with my students. They were awestruck and inspired. This will surely be a must see in our own backyard!


Globe Dye Excursion

 Today was the annual trek up to Philadelphia to visit the Globe Dye Works! These seniors had the opportunity to talk with artists, artisans, fabricators and an array of small businesses.

 Thank you to Rival Brothers, Anne & Kate, Stacey Lee Webber and Joe Leroux for their time energy and enthusiasm while speaking with my students!