Women's Right to Vote Exhibition

 The Del Ray Artisans opened a new show today, A Women's Right to Vote: 100 Years Since the 19th Amendment. The exhibition runs from November 6th through the 28th. As a new member to the group, I am thrilled to have three artworks in the show! 
                                                                                                            Vote Lady
It has proven to be quite a historical week in our country. There is still no definitive call on our Presidential election. The country is weary and on edge. 
                                                               Pandemic Vote 2020
We will soon know what our next four years will look is my hope that we will welcome the first female Vice President to the White House. It is long overdue, and our country would benefit from a woman's tenacity and intuition.

Del Ray Artisan Gallery Hours: 

Thursday  Noon - 6 pm 

Friday      Noon - 6 pm  

Saturday  Noon - 4 pm

*Always free admission. Accessible facility. 

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