Fragile March 2020 
2020 is not like any time we have ever experienced or could have imagined, even in our most dystopian dreams. Typically, my daily planner looks like a Tetris game packed tight with adventures. However, in the blink of an eye we were all suddenly grounded to a halt by a surreal pandemic laying our day and night bare of activity. 
Saves April 2020
Being stalled redirected my usual kinetic energy back into the studio. It was there that I reconnected with a plethora of clippings and images, an eclectic mix of  ephemera, that I had tucked away for a rainy day. 
State of Confusion April 2020
The need to make art rages within, and over these last six months, rather than ferreting out scenes to photograph during walkabouts I have cut, glued, doodled and montaged my way through the hours. When the newspaper headlines would make my head spin, I would take the scissors to them and reconstruct the narrative. 
Priority May 2020
This change to my process has been cathartic --- a return to the most basic to find creativity in the analog world. Although quarantined to my studio, I found it energizing to step away from my usual creative process that fed off being in the outside world and instead pivot to a laboratory-like space where I curated therapeutic think pieces that allowed me to exercise a completely different part of my intellect.
Social Distance June 2020

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