Let me Introduce you...the first in a series

It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see...
Visiting schools is such a joy! It is amazing to see the studio spaces and the way they are organized. It is equally stunning to see the keeper of the space...the teacher that that creates the tone of the room. Over the coming weeks I will be introducing you to some amazing new faces and their spaces!
Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Chung, the newest member of the Langley art department. She is teaching 3-D design as well as Digital Art and Design this year. Her school was recently renovated.   
She has cleverly created an efficient organization of her clay tools with a nice catch all parts bin. This allows for easy access for the students and they can easily see what is available to use.

While I was there I also noticed that she had a clever way to reuse all the cardboard that was in her storage room. Instead of ordering sketchbooks this year, she is having the students make their own! 

The first week of school the students are personalizing the covers with mixed media. They will be adding paper and rings to hold it together. This allows for flexibility in adding more paper later or removing it to matte or mount for exhibition. 
(It is awesome to pick up  helpful hints on organization and clever lessons when visiting schools!)

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