This past week was our annual New York trip! The students were up close with some pretty incredible art. We toured the Chelsea galleries first and that always challenges our thinking and instigates excellent conversations around process, meaning and product. 

Laura, Kelly, Susan & Heather

The Whitney was lively with Andy Warhol's prolific and exuberant documentation of celebrity and history in saturated color and energy.

The Morgan Library was a new destination and it did not disappoint! Illuminated manuscripts, incredible photography, 
mesmerizing architectural spaces.

When the gang is all here....

The culmination of our journey was experiencing the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art!  Serendipitously it was International Women's Day!

Fierce Women

Frida & the Bull

It was an outstanding experience! 
The students were awesome. My colleagues were outstanding. Each venue we experienced gave us so much to think about...we continuously move forward.

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