This past Sunday I went with the Photo Club students to visit the American Cool  Exhibition at the National  Portrait Gallery.
It was a beautiful day for an outing...and after so many days without school due to the snow and sleet and rain...Students were ready to get out and see this incredible exhibition! We had a great turn out for the day out in D.C.
The exhibition was an eclectic vision of the interpretation of American Cool...
Billie Holiday, The Boss, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Madonna, Elvis and Patti Smith...
just to name a few of the 100 notable celebrities and innovators that were represented!
The students enjoyed the many photographs and camaraderie of the day! 
After the Museum visit we strolled over to Chinatown for a little lunch.
We took our time leaving the city, stopping for photo ops along the way!


Chalk up another wonderful event out with the Photo Club!


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  1. How EXTREMELY cool! You see the BEST stuff - thanks for the special package I got yesterday - not only are you the coolest, you ROCK!!!